Royal Tips From The Lady Kate Middleton Herself

Kate Middleton has never made a wrong move when it comes to her public appearances in terms of her attire and/or makeup. She truly shows the royalty in her, every time we see her. She is definitely someone to look up to, and these are the few tips that we have gotten from all her appearances:

#1 Never have a bad hair day

We can’t seem to find any bad feature of Kate, but there is one thing for sure that her hair is definitely not one. In every picture and every public appearance, her hair seem to be the shining trademark. Her hair are perfect in that long length and shiny texture that really catches everyone’s attention. It would be great if she simply tells us what is that she has been using for her hair, but sadly, that can’t be. Rumors have it that she uses the Kérastase Nutritive Bain Oléo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo. So, girls, this is the closest we can get, and I don’t see any harm in trying it out.

#2 Ditch the up-do

Kate has never gone for those boring buns. She likes her hair open, and she knows best how to carry it all day. If after a long day she wants the hair away from her face then she gracefully ties half her hair up making sure that there is the volume on top. For the volume, you can use a spray or just get your hair blow dried for all day setting.

#3 Don’t let a hat dictate your style

Kate Middleton has worn a hat to almost every public appearance, but she keeps her style in a way that it compliments her youthful and royal look. Never has she dressed in an old fashioned or boring way, her dressing has always been perfect and pure goals for all the girls out there.

#4 Emphasize one feature

The royal lady always keeps it close to reality; therefore you will never find her loaded with makeup layers. She has this one feature rule where she will make up any one feature of her face. For instance, if she goes for the eyes then she will put a thin eyeliner and mascara on the lashes. That seems to create a natural look but still very attractive.

#5 Embrace your brows

Her eyebrows are always neat and filled with some color to give it a complete look. Eyebrows are what lift the whole look of the face and emphasize on the eyes a lot. Keep them neat at all times and get appreciated for a fresh look.

#6 Keep it neutral

She knows how to keep it balanced in terms of the colors she wears and the amount of makeup she uses. Kate will wear all colors, but the rich jewel tones are what she prefers wearing the most. If she has to put on a gloss, then it will be the one that matches her natural lip color.